Monday, March 7, 2011


"What are you doing here?" a colleague asked as he saw me emerge from my office today.

"Research for a new article," I responded.

"Aren't you bothered by the noise?" the colleague asked. "I just came in for a second to get some papers and I already have a major headache."

"What noise?" I asked.

It turns out that somebody was drilling the wall on the other side of our offices this entire time.

Thank God for autism that allows me to concentrate on what I'm doing so deeply that even the sound of an electric drill (is that the name of the tool?) can't break my concentration.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting: that what with I was disappointed in test. Me musician.
No matter. If you remember Justin Hoffman in "Rain Man" when the sound of alarm... Aaaah--thats me! The low tones of rock amplified music is cutting my body as a sow. I can kill if it is not stopped. Thats what was my uncontrolled situations with neighbours in NYC--only my daughter could stop me saying-- "dont you see you had a hammer in your hand while coming to ask them to stop low bass".
OK: Aspie test. I am like you--yes nothing would notice around while focused (and recently my beloved BlackBerry Curve was snatched--I am an easy target). but I tried the test few times: 176,180,181 . But once I decided to really answer--it was saying "no result--too many inconsistency")--and the inconsistency was about "can you be disturbed...focused...etc"--which my 181 autism answers controversially: I am focused like a pitbull;but if it is sounds--I am focused always and primarily on sounds; thats called perfect pitch; and my perfect pitch like a vacuum --takes all reality sounds as a primary life. So am focused after all--as denying everything around...but sounds.