Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Report the Protests!

Look at these inspiring pictures of protests all over the country. This wave of protests is being severely under reported by the media. Tomorrow we are planning a little rally of our own, and I will post pictures.

In view of the corporate media's attempts to silence the protests, we need to cover them ourselves and spread the news. See more of these inspirational pictures here. And post your own. Or send them to me and I will post them. If nobody will cover real news, we need to do it ourselves.


Pen said...

Do these pictures have anything to do with the reason the government's shutting itself down on Friday?

Clarissa said...

Who's shutting itself down and where? I don't think I have heard anything.

Canukistani said...

“This wave of protests is being severely under reported by the media.”

It’s not just under reported but also falsely reported. Last Tuesday the NYT reported on a “union” man who agreed with Gov. Walker in a front page story. Unfortunately he wasn’t union. They issued a retraction on Saturday.

“A front-page article on Tuesday about reaction among private-sector workers in Wisconsin to Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to cut benefits and collective-bargaining rights for unionized public employees referred incorrectly to the work history of one person quoted, and also misspelled his surname. While the man, Rich Hahn (not Hahan) described himself to a reporter as a “union guy,” he now says that he has worked at unionized factories, but was not himself a union member. (The Times contacted Mr. Hahn again to review his background after a United Auto Workers official said the union had no record of his membership.)”

Clarissa said...

I talked to my sister who lives in Montreal about the protests in Wisconsin and across the US.

"What protests?" she asked. She had no idea about what was going on and she is very aware of everything that goes on politically. More aware than I am, often.

This is why we need to report what's going on ourselves. Nobody will do it otherwise.

As for the story you quote, Canukistani, that's what our "progressive" NYT is like.

Pen said...

My history teacher told us that the government was shutting itself down so certain legislation could be passed. I wasn't told what legislation it was, but I thought it must be something worth protesting about.

Canukistani said...

Here's an interesting clip of Fox news talking about the "violent" Wisconsin protests. If you look closely at the background of the video clip you'll see palm trees. Is Madison tropical?


Clarissa said...

Oh my God! These people have no shame!!!

Do they think we all are complete idiots, or what? Palms in Wisconsin, indeed.

I just talked to a person who recently came from the protests in Wisconsin. According to him, it is very cold there.