Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny Searches

My hitcounter is a fountain of hilarious information. Here is a list of search terms that some people used today to access this blog:

Tihomir Petrov is a Muslim (3 searches. Sure, whatever happens, cherchez les Muslims)
Tihomir Petrov liberal (or the Liberals)
Petrov Urination
masturbation lesson (Yes, there was a post on this topic. And it was pretty funny, too.)
appendages of the husband (I wish I had a way of knowing which appendages the person actually meant)
Tihomir Petrov blog professor peepee (as we can see, the peeing professor really made the news and provoked some inventive seraches)
why doesnt my husband help me (Actually, people come by with this search pretty often. Which is kind of sad)
hot male bodies
california state math pee door

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