Friday, January 7, 2011

Tea Party as a Rebellion Against Parental Authority

A while ago I discussed how the cult of immaturity in our culture has led us straight into a global economic crisis. As I observe the mind-numbing childishness of Tea Partiers who have graced this blog with their presence since my yesterday's post, I realize that their entire anti-governmental stance is a result of that very immaturity. All these people have received an e-mail from Amazon notfying them that Amazon is going to dump them from the Associates Program. Not a single one of those who came here to discuss the issue suggested addressing any questions, complaints or concerns to Amazon. The first and only target of their anger is the government.

Actually, it is always the government. Aside from being very silly, the "get the government out of my Social Security" attitude betrays a very childish worldview. The big, all-powerful parent who is imagined as much stronger than he is in reality (and don't we all remember believing our Dad was a superman when we were little?) is supposed to be responsible for absolutely everything. At the same time, every child goes through the period of resentment against everything the parents do. For a teenager, a parent literally can do nothing right. This all-powerful figure that rules supreme over your life when you are a teenager is seen as deeply flawed and unreasonably mean. "I hate you!" screams a teenager at her parents and sams the door behind her. "I hate the government!" screams a Tea Partier who hasn't been able to evolve past the teenage mentality.

Questioning the actions of Amazon would entail positioning oneself as an adult who is entitled to question the actions of equals (in this case, other private citizens who work for / own Amazon and make the company's decisions.) That, however, would require a degree of maturity many people simply do not possess. Being an adult is onerous. It entails shouldering responsibilities and accepting that no parental figure will come to the rescue or accept the blame for one's own screw-ups. As soon as there is a slightest sign of trouble, a Tea Partier starts to whine, "Bad, horrible government! Mwaaa! Where is my Mommy? Mommy bad, she left me all alone! Mwa mwa mwaaaa." Who needs to grow up when you can always blame the all-powerful government for everything that goes wrong?


eric said...

As you know by now, Rep. Giffords was shot by some right-wing nutjob yesterday. My wife and I used to vote for her when we went to the UofA in Tucson. Any political movement that uses marksmanship metaphors in its campaign slogans is fascist--no two ways about it.

Clarissa said...

I'm actually writing a post about it right now. I'm shocked and horrified.