Sunday, January 30, 2011

Like Mubarak, Like Gbagbo, Like Mugabe

This great poem was written by my friend and fellow blogger KTravula. It describes so many dictators that ruled (and still do) in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Soviet Union, etc. I really love this poem, so I wanted to share it with you:

Tyrants stamp brash feet on winding paths on of wide open lands
and laugh on fart cushions in cabinet meetings of fellow fawning hands.
They mouth verbs at protest noises from the warm comforts of palace bedrooms
on one hand a full plate, and on the other soft triggers of their imported dooms.
Tyrants dance around dials of outside help, counting losses like currency notes,
swapping allies like the last statuettes of their long tortuous days and rotes.
They sing lullabies of aftermaths, of threats and tears, against a glory so long lost
and o, they fear. They dream of dreary wings across the windowpanes of frost.
Tyrants languish on the tail chairs of their vain vacuousness. They stink.
They drawl in the slime of impotence, a dour fire of an eighty year old wrink.
I look through the fog of emptiness, and see dead multiples of power tenths
and all that remains of a gentle tug into bright new days of different strengths.
Tryants live so that they may leave, gracelessly, in a baggage of seasoned trash.
No other way remains but will, plenty and strong, and despots’ dicks ash to ash.
(c) Kola Tubosun


Kola Tubosun said...

Thank you very much for this :). Let your readers feel free to share it with their friends and acquaintance who share our spite for despots everywhere.

Clarissa said...

Thank you for letting me publish it! I read it 6 times already, and plan to continue doing so.