Friday, January 28, 2011

House Cleaning

I just cleaned out my entire mailbox associated with this blog. (I have two other mailboxes which are still cluttered with e-mails from years ago, but I can't contemplate cleaning three overstuffed mailboxes on the same day.) Now I have folders named "Fan Mail" and "Troll Mail." It wasn't easy to sort the messages, though, because what begins as fan mail often transforms into troll mail after a while and vice versa.

I have also discovered that when you clean out your mailbox, Hotmail gives you the following funny message: "Wow, you've got a very clean inbox! (Did you know you can receive messages from other email accounts?)" To me, it sounds a little mocking. Like, "Wow, look who's got nobody to write to them! But wait, maybe you've got a message or two at some other account, you poor, friendless loser?"

Maybe one day I'll even listen to the voice mail that has accumulated on my work phone since August 2009. I'm ideologically opposed to voicemail and don't have it on any of my phones. Except at work where it was inescapable.

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