Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We've Got Us Some Snow Too!

Finally, the St.Louis area gets a real winter, too. I was thinking that maybe the classes would get cancelled, but it doesn't seem like that's on the cards.

Wish me luck on the first day of classes, everybody. I will be teaching two sections of the Survey of Spanish Literature, which is a course I've been dying to teach for the better part of a decade. My schedule is fantastic (just two days of week of teaching and only one new preparation).

The only little problem is that all 3 of my classes are scheduled in the same room and two of them have only a 15-minute break between them. It's not OK to hang out in the classroom between courses because students are entitled to their free time during a break. Nothing is worse than those professors who hover around before and after class like they have nowhere else to be. Still, it's kind of silly to return to my office for 5 minutes and then march right back to class.

And I promise only to be this obsessive about the insignificant details of teaching on the first day of class. Today, I'm entitled.

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