Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weird People

Weird people keep writing to this blog's address to inform me that my blog is really bad and unless I start writing very differently they will stop reading it and recommending it to others. Now, the bad news is that I write the way I write, and it is highly unlikely that there is going to be an instant and radical change in what I do here any time soon.

There is, however, some good news too. The first great piece of news is that - believe it or not - there are other blogs in this world, and what's more, I have no power to prevent people from reading those other blogs. I even recommend some really good ones here on a regular basis. Another encouraging thing to consider is that people who send me endless e-mails with recommendations on how to make my blog really good and a lot more popular can easily put their advice to good use, open their own blogs, and make them extremely good and super popular.

For some reason, however, the weird people in question don't start their own blogs (even though they seem to be so knowledgeable on how to do it). They just keep torturing themselves needlessly with the imperfections of mine.

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Steve Hayes said...

I occasionally get e-mails from weird people either asking if they can write a guest post on my blog, or inviting me to write a guest post on theirs.

To the former I say it is easy enough to start your own blog -- why would you want to write a guest post on someone else's?

To the latter I don't know what to say - the theme of their blogs is usually something that doesn't interest me at all.

So to all of them I say: if you don't like it, do your own.