Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peeing on Colleagues

This is when you know that things at Cal State are really getting dire:
A California university professor has been charged with peeing on a colleague's campus office door. Prosecutors charged 43-year-old Tihomir Petrov, a math professor at California State University, Northridge, with two misdemeanor counts of urinating in a public place. Arraignment is scheduled Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court in San Fernando. Investigators say a dispute between Petrov and another math professor was the motive. The Los Angeles Times says Petrov was captured on videotape urinating on the door of another professor's office on the San Fernando Valley campus. School officials had rigged the camera after discovering puddles of what they thought was urine at the professor's door.
The system of higher education in California has long been in dire straits. When professors start peeing on each other's doors, though, you realize that the tensions have grown intolerable. What's next? People defecating on each other at departmental meetings?
This is why I always tell my fellow academics: people, spare yourselves, rest, don't stay on campus until all hours of night, go home, go for a walk, on a date, to the swimming-pool, anywhere. Don't let yourself burn out to the point where pissing on colleagues is the only activity that sounds worthwhile.


el said...

I was very amused ... until I read the bolded part (after the rest of the post) and saw the professor was Russian. Bet many readers say/think "Oh, those savage Russians again". Wouldn't want to read such in Israeli newspaper involving a Russian Jew.

Even I read and think "Would an English professor do it?" Why a Russian? Is there a connection? Thoughts?

Clarissa said...

Believe it or not, I missed the Russian part. I thought he was Central European.

At a university in Montreal there was a case when a professor from the former Soviet Union killed 4 of his colleagues at a staff meeting.

Every such case makes it that more difficult for us with Slavic last names to get hired. I know for a fact that many companies and job recruiters place CVs of Russian-speakers directly into the wastebasket. Sad.

V said...

Was the subject of the dispute mathematical? :)

Clarissa said...

Good question! Such passionate love of the discipline is a redeeming factor in my eyes. :-)

Tom Carter said...

Actually, peeing on the door is pretty mild compared to these incidents. Having been on the receiving end of academia for more years than I care to count, I can understand the impulse...if not the act.

Nick G said...

I sure hope this isn't what I am in for! Your email buddy Nick here, hai rissa!

Clarissa said...

Academia has the skill of bringing out the best and the worst in everybody. :-)