Friday, January 7, 2011

In Memoriam: Bill Zeller

Bill Zeller, a graduate student in computer sciences at Princeton, committed suicide at the age of 27 on January 5 of this year. In his suicide note, Bill shares the horrible experiences of his childhood that was marked by repeated rape. He was also abused and marginalized by his family of racist and hateful Christian fundamentalists. Bill spent his entire life strugglng with the consequences of rape and abuse. He decided to end this struggle by ending his life. I respect him deeply for his courage and mourn the memory of somebody who suffered so much for the sins of others.

Bill asked that his suicide note be disseminated as widely as possible. You can read it here. I have to warn you that this is a heart-breaking account. Please honor Bill's wishes and either just link to it or repost it in its entirety. And all those so-called journalists who keep quoting from the suicide note without posting it in full: shame on you! What kind of idiotic jerks disregard a person's dying wish just to make a buck? Losers.

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Ophelia said...

In the wake of this tragedy, perhaps there is something that can be said and done, to create a positive change moving forward: - your comments are welcome.

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