Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ready for New Semester

For some strange reason I can't explain, I came to the office today. I only have to start teaching next Tuesday but I've missed my office so much that I couldn't keep away from it any longer. I'm weird, I know, but having a place of employment where you actually want to be is something that still hasn't lost its magic for me. (When we get our new, super comfortable and fashionable office furniture this spring, there will be no dragging me out of here at all).

A few nice surprises greeted my arrival:

1. My computer didn't crash. Although it somehow turned itself on over the holidays. But as long as it didn't crash (like last winter), I'm happy.

2. The Associate Dean wrote a truly glowing evaluation of a lecture of mine he attended. I knew I was good, but I had no idea I was that good.

3. Something has been done to make the floors in our building super clean and shiny (as you can see in the picture). It won't last long, but at least I'll have a photo of it.

I have actually managed to do a lot of important stuff today:

A. Learned how to back-up this blog.
B. Started working on a grant application which I usually hate. But it's not that bad this time.
C. Did research on blended learning (which is what the grant is for.)
D. Returned books that have been overdue for a while.
E. Printed out the list of books I have read in 2010 (of which there were 70, in case anybody is curious) with their summaries and ratings.

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Catherine X said...

This post makes me so nostalgic - Thanks Clarissa !