Tuesday, May 3, 2011


One of the things that made me especially happy when I discovered that I was only going to teach in Spanish this semester was the certainty that I would not have to hear about "affects" during the semester. I am so tired of reading essays titled "Affects of the Spanish Civil War on Spain" that this was going to be a welcome change indeed.

I really misjudged my students, however. Their love for the "affects" is so profound that they brought them to Spanish. Now I'm reading about "las afectas" (yes, feminine, although God only knows why) of the Spanish Civil War and feel like banging my head against the desk.

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Pagan Topologist said...

If these things are turned in on paper instead of electronically, you need perhaps to have a rubber-stamp custom made saying "USING 'AFFECT' AS A NOUN IS A SILLY AFFECTATION. PLEASE EFFECT A CHANGE!"

Clarissa said...


You are so right! I need to start ordering rubber stamps. "Incomprehensible", "confusing," and "I'm aware of this. In fact, I'm the one who told you about it" could definitely help. :-)