Monday, May 16, 2011


After reading on my Twitter what President Obama's wealth amounts to, I decided to share this knowledge with my husband.

"Can you guess how much money Obama has?" I asked him.



"Well, that depends on whether he has a huge mortgage on his house," he responded completely seriously.

P.S. The number I saw in the tweet in question was $3.8 million.
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Tim said...

$3.8 million ?

That is suprisingly low. I mean I thought Americans adore people with money coming out of their orifices, so I find it hard to believe that someone with less than $10 million was considered to be president. I mean who would assume that someone is governmentally (see the word mental in it ? Lovely) successful when he or she isn't even capable to mainain the bare minimum of wealth necessary to not be considered poor ? /s