Friday, May 13, 2011

Responses to Blogger Meltdown, Part I

A good blogger sees everything as a topic to blog about. Even the recent 21-hour-long shutdown of all Blogger blogs has produced a variety of interesting, blog-worthy observations. Take, for example, the Google forum where people have been venting their frustrations and asking for updates on the Blogger debacle. I have culled out the most curious titles of the comments on the recent events from the forum. Now I'm offering them to you, so that you can fully appreciate what a blogger experiences after being deprived of access to his or her blog. I have placed the titles into different categories to facilitate their perusal.

I warn you, though, that you are about to face a human drama of incredible proportions.


When will Blogger be working again? It's 9:24PM here, and I haven't been able to access my account for hours!!

3rd Attempt for help, still no responses!!! Please Help!

Blogger is broken

I can't even VIEW my blog. Help!

I don't want to know how many people have asked this question, I want the answer. How do I log onto my blog with bX-u32g6r?


Heelpsss !!! I can't Access my account today ...!!

I just want to blog!!!!


I am lost without my blog, when will it be fixed?

What Going On ??

What does this mean?


Is it the End of #Blogger.Com’s Era ?

this error will haunting me always.

Religious / superstitious:

Sweet Jesus, there are problems with Twitter too (and the Blogger Borg implodes)

Is this all problem with Friday 13?

What in Heaven's Name Is Going On With Blogger?

Lyrical (this is my absolute favorite section. You can totally sing every one of these comment titles):

My blog is missing, been taking away.....

Ooo.. Blogger!! Please, Bring Back the Our Account Now !! :(

when will this all will end, this is enough for too long

Help, My Blog Has Fallen And It Can't Get Up - Hello, Life-Alert?


Saia Sikira said...

can I make a link to this on my blog?

Clarissa said...

Of course, feel free. Parts 2 and 3 are coming up shortly.

liese4 said...

Snicker. I wondered where your posts went. I saw that Blogger was acting up the other day, didn't realize it was such a massive outage.

I love the comments though, funny.

Clarissa said...

Just wait until Part 3, containing the comments by conspiracy theorists, comes up. That one is really hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I never thought bloggers took blogging so seriously.

Lorraine said...

I don't know if this is relevant, but just seconds ago my feed reader (Liferea) re-picked-up 13 recent posts on your blog (most that I had already read), starting with "Transformations of Patriarchal Families," dated Wednesday at 13:00. Hopefully this won't happen with all my blogger feeds!

Clarissa said...

My feed reader has been doing it too. Which is getting very confusing. There are now posts that I have seen half a dozen time in my blogroll.

Ilostposts! said...

Sweet Jesus, there are problems with Twitter too (and the Blogger Borg implodes)

The "Blogger Borg" is hysterical!

el said...

My blog is missing, been taking away..... My favorite too from the 1st post. I just picture the thief running away with a sack of posts in e-Blogger t-shirt. Btw, saw somebody in it yesterday on the street. Don't you want to get one? I did. A military compound in Pakistan was just bombed and 80 people have been injured and my blogger service is down. I understood it not as seeing the connection between them, but as ruing being prevented to blog about exciting new developments in world politics. Have we been attacked by the Russians or Chinese. Who would think Responses to Blogger Meltdown could teach so much about people's mentality: persisting Cold War fears about Russians and being afraid of China future economic dominance. Just yesterday I thought how many things I studied at school weren't necessary, only to forget soon afterwards, like chemistry, and how it's a pity we weren't required to study Arabic, like English, despite Arabic being official language in Israel, along with Hebrew, unlike English. Not only new world would be open, but may be I would understand more how Israeli and other Arabs view the world. Being in conflict makes it even more important, imo.

Clarissa said...

That's my favorite one, too. It sounds like a line from a poem.

"Just yesterday I thought how many things I studied at school weren't necessary, only to forget soon afterwards, like chemistry"

-I used to think this way, too. The subjects I hated the most and complained about their uselessness were: Literature, Latin, Philosophy. :-)

Of course, studying Arabic is a great idea. I don't know which career path you chose but maybe you can still take classes?