Monday, May 16, 2011

The Ugliest Cake Ever

Is it just me or is it the ugliest cake you have ever seen, too?

I wonder what the cake is supposed to symbolize. A jail for Snickers bars? I'm also curious what a psychoanalyst would say to a person who actually gave this monstrosity to their mother for Mother's Day. 

I found the picture of the ugly cake here. There are many other repulsive cakes on that blog but this one is the definite winner.


Leah Jane said...

I'd say it represents someone's secret fantasy of their mother as a spider, with the child/victim trapped in her web with no means of escape until the age of 18.
On a related note, I am making an almond and mascarpone cheesecake today. I hope mine is prettier than this.

liese4 said...

Yes, but how does it taste? For truly ugly cakes go visit cakewrecks site.

KT said...

I usually don't think of "ugly" when I see a cake but the amount of needless calories I'd be consuming by eating it :)

Clarissa said...

And then they say that men never worry about calories. Stereotypes reign supreme.

I don't eat cake so the aesthetic dimensions of cakes are all I care about. :-)

Pagan Topologist said...

"I don't eat cake so the aesthetic dimensions of cakes are all I care about. :-)"

Still protesting Marie Antoinette? Or do you avoid cake for some other reason?

Clarissa said...

:-) :-)

I just don't like cake. I must have eaten too much of it when I was a kid. My mother is a fantastic baker. But after all that cake, I'm now completely indifferent to it.

Now, a good piece of sausage. . . That's real dessert. :-)