Monday, May 9, 2011

Cooking Plans

Finally, my summer holidays have begun for real, and I will be able to indulge my love for cooking. There is nothing like cooking to help one process the ideas one is working on research-wise. So I will be sharing both my insights on feminism and Spanish literature and my recipes with my readers. Here are what I'm planning to make this week:

I got this picture at my favorite
Russian-language recipe site I will
use my own recipe to make this
dish of meat and rice in cabbage leaves
2. I know it's kind of weird to make carbonara in summer but I really really like it, so why not?
I hope mine comes out as pretty as this one.
I found the recipe here but, once again, I don't think
I'll follow it. 
3. I'm also trying to invent my own vegetable ragout recipe. I want something like this, but better and with a wider variety of vegetables:
I promise to share the recipe and the pictures
of my ragout when I finally finish inventing it


Anonymous said...

Looking forward. I love to cook!


Tim said...

Kohlrouladen !

Clarissa said...

They either traveled from China through Russia into Germany or in an opposite direction.

I LOVE German food.

Tim said...

fyi, the wikipedia article states that wrapping stuff into cabbage and the like originates from the byzantine empire and that this dish is also found in the cuisine of poland, hungary and the Balkan States.

I love them, but I don't get to cook them very often because both my mother and my sister are very picky about food and they claim that the stench of cabbage boiling is an insult to their taste buds -.-

Clarissa said...

Wow, this is good to know. I had no idea that I just did something Byzantine. :-)