Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jesus As Reagan's Sidekick

You've got to love those hilarious folks who somehow manage to combine fanatical Christianity with Libertarianism. Of course, one must have no understanding whatsoever of both to believe that they can be upheld simultaneously. (If you are wondering what Jesus would think of free markets, then I'm wondering whether you know anything at all about Jesus.)

So here is a very inventive blog header whose hapless author is trying to resolve the painful contradiction between worshiping free markets and worshiping Jesus:

As we can see, this particular Reagan fan chose to put "Ronnie" first and Jesus second. I kind of feel sorry for Jesus because playing second fiddle to Reagan, of all people, is quite insulting.

P.S. In the very top post of this freaky blog, I found the following sentence that tells us all we'll ever need to know about such folks' scary brand of religiosity:
 I had a lot of sinful years without Christ but God is in the business of forgiving sins.
What I wonder is whether God is successful in business and whether he pays any taxes. I know that Jesus wants us to pay taxes, but does he pay any himself? This is what theologians need to be working on.


Rimi said...

Don't talk to me about Libertarian Christians who know nothing about either. I once mortally offended a very nice -- but obviously not very smart -- person by saying what I believe to be true: anyone who believes in the socioeconomic lessons of the gospel should be a politically radical, die-hard fiscal conservative, bringing a people's movement to the door of the corporate economy.

The funniest part was that she assumed, because I was Indian, I must not know anything about Jesus. Thus she forgave my heretical transgression.

Rimi said...

Drat. I did a space-time slip-up. I should've said 'a die-hard fiscal liberal'. I sometimes forget that 'conservative' these days implies people who adopted the newer ideas of a free-market economy, and 'progressive/liberal' implies proponents of regulated, pro-tax-payer economies. In the India of my youth, the labels used be exactly opposite.