Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogs of Note

So I have finally figured out how Blogger selects blogs to promote under the heading of "Blogs of Note" (which makes one's number of hits go through the roof.) It isn't about popularity, or having many followers and/or comments. Some of the "Blogs of Note" don't seem to have any readers whatsoever before they get promoted by Blogger. The quality of the text doesn't matter either because many of them have no text.

Turns out it's all about pictures, people. The blogs that get promoted are the ones that have a crazy number of photos in each post. If there is nothing but photos (usually of quite low quality), then better yet. Which means that my blog has no chance of being promoted by Blogger because I have filled it with text and not with photos of my old slippers and dirty makeup brushes. 

I kind of feel resentful about this.


Leah Jane said...

Blogger appears to be taking the old nugget of "wisdom" about a picture being worth a thousand words a little too literally.

Rimi said...

Why do you feel resentful? Surely, with your vehement dislike of community, the current popularity of your blog should make you uncomfortable, not want more hits?

Clarissa said...

Having a popular blog and being part of a community have absolutely nothing in common in my view.