Thursday, May 5, 2011

Now Who's Sensitive?

We keep hearing that it's difficult for women to get hired for responsible positions or get people to vote for them because everybody is afraid that poor little ladies might get too emotional on the job. And then we read something like this and realize that being a churlish, overly sensitive, tantrum-prone individual has nothing to do with gender:
George W. Bush won't be at Ground Zero with President Obama Thursday in part because he feels his team is getting short shrift in the decade-long manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. "[Bush] viewed this as an Obama victory lap," a highly-placed source told the Daily News Wednesday.Obama gave no credit whatsoever to the intelligence infrastructure the Bush administration set up that is being hailed from the left and right as setting in motion the operation that got Bin Laden. It rubbed Bush the wrong way."
Mwaaa, mwaaa, Mommy, he took my toy! Mwaaaaa!


KT said...

You know what's funny? Giving credit for Osama's killing to George Bush, and blaming Barack Obama for the economy. Isn't it amazing.

Clarissa said...

I know! Some people are so messed up in their heads that it's just ridiculous. Bush said on record several times that "finding Osama is not a priority." This all happened very recently, but in a truly Orwellian fashion, people just erased it from their memories.