Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blogger Is Being Weird Again

I don't know what their problem is but the folks at Blogger haven't been able to make it function right since yesterday.

If you have a blog (with any platform), make sure you back up. I do regular backups of all my posts and comments, just in case.

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Tim said...

I do regular backups of all my posts and comments, just in case.

On behalf of all CS graduates, tech geeks and IT professionals, I would like to say that Clarissa is obviously a very smart person and an enrichment to community of computer users.

Clarissa said...

I am having trouble figuring out whether you are making fun of me or being nice to me. I will take it as a compliment anyway. :-)

Clarissa said...

Sweet Jesus. Just as I posted this last comment, my "lost" posts were restored to me by Blogger.

Tim said...


A week ago, I spent 7 hours of work recovering a master's thesis from a fried laptop, that was left outside in the rain. So yeah, after that, I decided that I will feel immediate sympathy for every person smart enough to come up with a backup plan on their own.

By the way, I came back here because my RSS reader told me there were 12 new entries. Those were your restored posts, of course, but at first I thought that you have gone on a posting frenzy :)

Clarissa said...

VERY sorry to hear about your dissertation. I also suffered a lot of loss of data before I learned to carry my external hard drive everywhere with me.

I have, in fact, gone on a blogging frenzy and wrote seven posts in a row. Only I didn't post them simultaneously but, rather, scheduled them to appear one after another.

Tim said...

It wasn't mine. I do keep backups of everything important. And I also don't leave Laptops outside when rain was forcasted.

Clarissa said...

Oh, I get it, you worked on it as an IT person, right?

I'm feeling very dense today.