Saturday, May 7, 2011

Promoting Yourself on My Blog

To those who are new to Clarissa's Blog: you can only promote your own blog here if I have given you express permission. Ending each comment with a link to your own blog will make your comments end up in a spam box. However, if I have told you it's OK to place your link here once, the permission is good for all future occasions when you might want to do it. If I come to your blog and comment there, it means I like you, so you can place your links freely. If I really like your blog, I will do all I can to promote it on my own because I love sharing cool stuff with people.

I also don't publish comments from people whose nicknames promote products and link to sites that sell stuff. If you want to buy advertising on my blog, contact me and we'll see if something can be worked out. But I really hate it when people try to sneak one past me. Nothing annoys me more than when people baselessly assume that they are smarter than I am and will be able to dupe me with such cheap tricks.


Clarissa said...

181: you need to be talking to somebody who will be able to help you. Record exactly what you are feeling right now in writing or on tape and take it to a doctor as soon as possible, OK?

Anonymous said...

I did. Doctor has exactly hundreds of my writing. Yes he diagnosed. But I can't exist anymore. I have severe depression I know. $$$$$$- that's what I have no. I was dizzy because of severe depression. I got accident, shock and lost a friend: he knows I am Asperger but he can't understand it is wrong to make a control shot in head NOW. Its cruel

Anonymous said...

I am writing to you because you know what it is, sensivity like a butterfly. I know that all my steps are wrong, though I doing the truth- true everything in feelings and words. But it comes as annoying,tacky,wrong. And finally I am so far from money. It is my organ/improvisation teacher ,he might feels I may lose job and will not take lessons. But it is just wrong time. Is there possibility you can email him. He blocked me while I am in the horizontal situation. It was knock down:I can't breathe.