Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Google Reader Is Just Weird

I tried getting used to the Google Reader, but it's just weird, people. It keeps recommending blogs of Russian-speaking immigrant from all over the world to me. I only follow 2 Russian-language blogs out of 235, and I really don't enjoy being put into a box with Russian-speaking immigrants as if I had nothing else to offer to humanity. 

I wonder if Google Reader only recommends my blog to other Russian-speaking immigrants. If so, then I shouldn't expect any regular readers from that source. This is obviously not my audience. V. and el are my only readers who belong in that group, and both of them are quite exceptional. I also have 2 readers from Russia and zero from Ukraine. Which just goes to show how relevant my people find me. 


Shedding Khawatir said...

Google Reader recommends me blogs in languages I can't read, so it is not always right on. That said, it does get better as you use it more. I mostly just like it because it is so much faster to read everything in one place rather than open a bunch of different blogs.

Clarissa said...

The problem with that is if you don't open people's blogs, they won't open yours or maybe even find out that it exists.