Friday, May 13, 2011

Responses to Blogger Meltdown, Part III

And here is the funniest part of the responses to the Blogger malfunction. I now present to you the Blogger conspiracy theorists:

I'm beginning to become very worried, I suspect the problem cannot be fixed and soon Google will announce it can no longer continue with the Blogger service due to a fatal system error.  Blogger is better than Gmail and Google search combined. Blogger is better than sliced bread!!!!!! Blogger is the best thing in the world. DON'T SCRAP BLOGGER!

So beware users if you ask to many Questions of post that you should look for alternatives Your acount gets suspended

Google = Enron

I saw someone's post about the eBlogger has been sth like hacked / blacklisted regarding security reason (in US)

Google is slowing trying to get control out from bloggers. 

Either Google is incompetent, or, the CIA is mucking about with Blogger because there have been so many posts on the CIA's psy-op in Abbottabad in Pakistan

I have two blogs.  One of them is on a topic some would consider controversial.  It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens to my blogs or others that are deemed "controversial" or "sensitive."

And this is Blogger's official response that is either a deliberate pun or an explanation for the ineptitude of Blogger's employees. 


Thanks for your patience in the mean time.


Anonymous said...

or you could migrate to wordpress... all the cool kids are doing it

liese4 said...

What is really weird, after clicking on next blog 10 times, they are all in Portuguese. Usually when I do that I get English, Spanish, a few others, but never that many of the same language in a row.

Clarissa said...

Can I have your blogs in Portuguese? :-) Because I got 11 blogs in a row in Malay. And that's a language that is incomprehensible to me.

ilostposts! said...

Such a cutie! (nicoleandmaggie)

Except that when you are running in Blogger Classic mode (on a custom website) and you've got THOUSANDS of blog posts, it's not such an easy transfer to Wordpress!

Anyone running in non Classic mode should transfer to Worppress FAST. Deal with the pain now or deal with it later, but either way, remaining on Blogger will force you to DEAL.

liese4 said...

You don't get an automatic line at the top that says 'translate this blog'? Although after letting it translate some of the blogs...I'm not sure that was what they really said.

Clarissa said...

I do, but Google Translator's capacity to translate Malay is extremely limited. I couldn't even get a remote idea of what the blogs were about.