Friday, May 13, 2011

Recent Issues With Blogger

I have no idea whether Blogger has been permanently repaired or not, so I'll just place this announcement here to let people know what's happening. Blogger has been down since about 3 pm yesterday. Blog authors have had no access to their blogs and couldn't even notify the readers about what was happening. Now it seems like all the posts written since Wednesday have disappeared. This is not a big deal for this particular blog because I saved them all. If Blogger doesn't restore them soon, I will just republish them. Unfortunately, I didn't back up yesterday's comments, so those might end up being lost. 

I don't want to dump on Blogger because of this malfunction because shit happens and there is no way around that. I'm just happy to have my blog back. I'm now thinking of opening a backup blog at Wordpress just to have a place where I will be able to publish updates about this blog if there is another malfunction.

P.S. Blogger is now back to normal functioning and is restoring all the information that had been lost.


Rimi said...

No wonder activity has been low hereabouts! I've come, not seen new content, and went away disappointed.

Clarissa said...

I'm proud that people notice when my blog isn't active for 20 hours. I'm sad that you were disappointed, though.