Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Change to Post Reactions

In case you haven't noticed, I have changed the options for reactions to the post. You can now choose between "funny," "interesting," "boring," "appalling," and "stupid." It seemed unfair to me that there were no negative reactions available. It looked as if I were fishing for compliments or something.

If you think that my posts could use another reaction, feel free to leave a suggestion. I can't think of anything at the moment, but would be willing to introduce changes if enough people want them.


Roy Bauer said...

My recommendation: replace "stupid" with "zany." Then just have "like" and "don't like." On the other hand, you might try adding "you give me a reason to live" plus "now I wish I were dead." That should spice things up. Not that you need that. I like what I've read so far. Who rights about toilets? Promising.

Clarissa said...

Oh, come on. Just one little trivial post about toilets amongst a multitude of extremely profound posts on everything else. That's not a big deal. :-) :-)

Interesting suggestions, though.

Roy Bauer said...

Sorry, didn't mean to reduce you to the one "toilet" post. I was really thinking of several posts of yours. (I would turn off all the comment filters, though. My philosophy: be as inviting as possible, with regard to comments. The really hideous ones are self-refuting anyway.)

Clarissa said...

I know, I know, I was kidding. :-)

The comment filters are not designed to scare away stupid people. I put them in because otherwise there is just too much spam and good, interesting comments get lost in the sea of spamming ones.

el said...

I would put "Disagree" instead of "stupid" since "stupid" is too mean a word. I would feel free to choose "Disagree" but not "stupid".

Read it yesterday and decided you would probably love that too:

An Opinion on the Question of Pornography

There's nothing more debauched than thinking.
This sort of wantonness runs wild like a wind-borne weed
on a plot laid out for daisies.

Nothing's sacred for those who think.
Calling things brazenly by name,
risqué analyses, salacious syntheses,
frenzied, rakish chases after the bare facts,
the filthy fingering of touchy subjects,
discussion in heat--it's music to their ears.

In broad daylight or under cover of night
they form circles, triangles, or pairs.
The partners' age or sex is unimportant.
Their eyes glitter, their cheeks are flushed.
Friend leads friend astray.
Degenerate daughters corrupt their fathers.
A brother pimps for his little sister.

They prefer the fruits
from the forbidden tree of knowledge
to the pink buttocks found in glossy magazines--
all that ultimately simple-hearted smut.
The books they relish have no pictures.
What variety they have lies in certain phrases
msrked with a thumbnail or a crayon.

It's shocking, the positions,
the unchecked simplicity with which
one mind contrives to fertilize another!
Such positions the Kama Sutra itself doesn't know.

During these trysts of theirs, the only thing that's steamy is the tea.
People sit on their chairs and move their lips.
Everyone crosses only his own legs
so that one foot is resting on the floor
while the other dangles freely in midair.
Only now and then does somebody get up,
go to the window,
and through a crack in the curtains
take a peep out at the street.

[ From View with a Grain of Sand by Wislawa Szymborska
Translated by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh
"A Harvest Original" Harcourt & Brace & Co. New York 1993 ]

A pity I don't know Polish. I read several translators of her poems and some are better than others, but each has faults. I just see how great her original poems have to be.

Clarissa said...

I LOVE this!!! Thank you, el!!!

Lindsay said...


(I've wanted a way to express the sentiment "Your post was witty enough, but the thing you're writing about distresses me" for quite a while. Now I have one).

And I never think your posts are stupid. Sometimes I disagree, and sometimes I am not interested, but I never think you are stupid.

Clarissa said...

Thank you, Lindsay!