Friday, May 13, 2011

Responses to Blogger Meltdown, Part II

Thank you, everybody, for sticking around while Blogger was down and preventing the stats of Clarissa's Blog from slipping down even marginally.

To reward you for your patience, here are more hilarious post titles from the Blogger Help forum. These are all completely real. I did not invent them or change them in any way. 


i'm leaving blogger for  avoiding more pain in the future. of course blogger will not miss me.


We Should Have Been Warned

My entire blog is gone

Blogger goes down, taking 30 hours of posts with it

This is a suspense thriller that I wish I could opt out of :(


broken posting - broken communication

Yes, we are frustrated, but let's put this into perspective. 

In a perfect world, everything would work the way it is supposed to. Since we don't live in a perfect work, stuff doesn't go according to plan. In this case, it didn't.


Can you please give us a TIME for blogger being back up. This is adversely affecting my business.

My blogger is still down and unavailable! Please advise

Why no further updates as to when service will be restored?


yes, our blogs are down, but we survived before the invention of the blog.  It's a blog.   12,000 people died as a result of the tsunami-earthquake in Japan.  There are children who won't get breakfast this morning.  Millions of Americans live in substandard housing. We expect everything to be fixed in an instant.  Doctors are still searching for a cure for cancer.  Buildings cannot built overnight.   Sometimes, even computer glitches can be difficult to repair. 


I just don't understand why Blogger has maintenance problems these days? Being terrorist attacked? I'm losing my readers!

A military compound in Pakistan was just bombed and 80 people have been injured and my blogger service is down.

Have we been attacked by the Russians or Chinese. I can't for the life of me understand why Google would have these kinds of  maintenance problems.


I am getting shakes..withdrawals....HELP

How long is this going to take? I'm beginning to have Blogger withdrawal!!!


Anonymous said...

"Blogger withdrawal" That's hilarious.

Clarissa said...

You are laughing but I totally experienced it myself. Haven't been able to tear myself from the blog for hours.

el said...

My blog is missing, been taking away.....
My favorite too from the 1st post. I just picture the thief running away with a sack of posts in e-Blogger t-shirt. Btw, saw somebody in it yesterday on the street.
Don't you want to get one? I did.

A military compound in Pakistan was just bombed and 80 people have been injured and my blogger service is down.
I understood it not as seeing the connection between them, but as ruing being prevented to blog about exciting new developments in world politics.

Have we been attacked by the Russians or Chinese.
Who would think Responses to Blogger Meltdown could teach so much about people's mentality: persisting Cold War fears about Russians and being afraid of China future economic dominance.

Just yesterday I thought how many things I studied at school weren't necessary, only to forget soon afterwards, like chemistry, and how it's a pity we weren't required to study Arabic, like English, despite Arabic being official language in Israel, along with Hebrew, unlike English. Not only new world would be open, but may be I would understand more how Israeli and other Arabs view the world. Being in conflict makes it even more important, imo.