Sunday, May 1, 2011

Philosophers: Two for One

It never occurred to me to inform my students that Ortega y Gasset was one person, not two. Now I'm realizing that I really should have mentioned it. Two of my students have tried to figure out in their final exams which of the ideas in Ortega y Gasset's work were contributed by Ortega and which by Gasset.

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Kira said...

This brought me an association.
When I was studying a physics, somebody loved to ask:
What is the name of wife of Boyle Mariotte, who discovered the main law of gas?

Jonathan said...

There's a joke about that in Cabrera Infante's Tres tristes tigres, where he compares "Abbot y Costelllo" and "Ortega y Gasset."

I get a laugh out of that in a Graduate course, when I talk about "Ortega... y su colaborador Gasset..." That woudn't work with undergraduates.